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Circle K International scholarships are designed to provide recognition and financial assistance to individual members of Circle K clubs who have excelled in areas of their collegiate careers. The recipients will be Circle K'ers who have achieved academic excellence, demonstrated leadership abilities and provided service to others. The applicants should be of high moral character, and should strive for excellence in their endeavors. Financial need is not a factor in these awards.


The Lt. William C. Ewbank Memorial Scholarship
Tom Ewbank, the President of Circle K International in 1964-65, has been an avid supporter of Circle K International since his undergraduate days at Indiana University. Tom has been a member of Kiwanis since 1966. Tom served as the Chairman of the Kiwanis International Committee on Circle K in 1988-89 and 1989-90. The Lt. William C. Ewbank Memorial Scholarship, in the amount of ,000 (US), is provided in memory of Tom's father who was killed in action in World War II.

Kiwanis International Foundation Matching District Scholarships
This is a special program using the combined efforts of the Kiwanis International Foundation, district Kiwanis Foundations and Boards and Circle K Districts. Funds are allocated by the Kiwanis International Foundation and matched by either the Circle K or Kiwanis District, or Kiwanis District Foundation to provide for thirty matching scholarships of up to $1,000 (US), one per Circle K district, for deserving Circle K members. This unique program allows for Circle K members to continue their higher education with the support of the Kiwanis International Foundation program.

The Kiwanis International Foundation has secured funds for a second matching scholarship for Circle K districts in which 75% or more of the Kiwanis clubs have contributed to the Kiwanis International Foundation Annual Club Gift Campaign.

The J. Walker Field Endowed Scholarship
Since 1985 Circle K International has been pleased to present the J. Walker Field Endowed Scholarship. A long time resident of Miami, Florida, J. Walker Field became a member of the Kiwanis Club of Miami Shores on September 9, 1949. His Kiwanis career was filled with commitment and dedication. He served as Club President, Lt. Governor, District Treasurer, and was the first distinguished Governor of the Florida District. J. Walker Field passed away in early 1997. His contribution will provide financial assistance in the amount of $1,000 (US) for a deserving Circle K'er.

The Harry S. Himmel Endowed Scholarship

Harry S. Himmel was a past trustee of Kiwanis International, Past President of the Kiwanis International Foundation and was named President Emeritus of the Kiwanis International Foundation in July, 1981. Mr. Himmel was a member of Kiwanis from 1929 until his death a few years ago. Mr. Himmel was a Tablet of Honor recipient and a George F. Hixson charter fellow of the Foundation. Family members and friends of Harry S. Himmel have contributed to fund this (US) scholarship.

Circle K International Past Presidents' Scholarship

The Circle K International Past Presidents' Scholarship was established as a means for these leaders to show continued support for the organization. It is their belief that continued emphasis on the strength of the club level would be in the best interest of Circle K. Therefore, this scholarship was created to both aid and reward club presidents who have demonstrated excellence and dedication to Circle K. This scholarship was first awarded at the 1990 Circle K International Convention in Anaheim, California, and is awarded again at the International Conventions in the amount of (US).

The Cunat Visionary Scholarship

This scholarship is funded by the generous action of Brian and Miki Cunat. Awarded as a District Scholarship for the Illinois-Eastern Iowa District from 1994-97, this scholarship is now awarded at the International level. The Cunat Visionary Scholarship is awarded to a Circle K member who displays visionary excellence in their line of study, regardless of grade point average or financial need.