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GOALS FOR 2001-2002

1) Increase ACTIVE membership

-Make sure those paying dues are attending meeting, service projects, district events etc.
-Decrease clubs on suspension, or those close to being suspended. (LtGs should know what clubs in their divisions are suspended or on the verge of it.) How do we measure this increase?
-Make sure all clubs have officers
-Ask sponsoring Kiwanis clubs or Student Activities if the clubs are active.
-Check service hours.
-Check attendance.
-Set goal that every member attends at least 1 meeting once a month.

2) Increase service hours

-Set goal to increase district service hours by 20%.
-Make sure clubs know what a service hour is.

3) Increase Communication.

-LtGs should visit all clubs in their division at least once a semester and E-Board should make visits to other clubs either through meetings, socials, or service projects.

4) Member Education Programs should be held 2 times a semester.


5) Increase Community Awareness and Market CKI.

-Use the resources you have; school paper, radio, etc.
-Set a goal that every club has a marketing strategy by NY Speaking.
-Have a workshop at DLTC on Marketing CKI.
-Try to find if there are any Kiwanians working on campus or attending the school and promote CKI to them as well.